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Allow me to use the knowledge I have gathered over the years, traveling and exploring the vast region of Piemonte, always searching for beautiful spots that are unexplored by tourists and well known to locals. Allow me to guide you through this region, almost entirely embraced by the majestic Alps, filled with lakes and forests, bursting with city life, day or night, in historic royal towns and cities, big and small.

Allow me to introduce to you the splendid wines, the traditional home cooked dishes, the wonderful sausages and cheeses and the magnificent desserts, where to find them and from whom to buy more for later...

Allow me to uncover the secrets of this land for you through the method of slow-tour, which is the most fitting for the world capital region of the Slow Food movement, with plentiful opportunities to get to know the local people personally.

I know where to sleep, what to eat and do, and I offer you all this information so that you too will have a moving, unforgettable and authentic experience in Piemonte.


Travel Slow and Deep

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